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Based on the same-named Marvel Comics, What If…? is an American animated web television series. As the sixteenth series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is the first animated series. This series reinterprets some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's events and characters. It's about the 'what if' possibilities. What if T'Challa, rather than Peter Quill, became Star-Lord? or, What if, instead of Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter got the Super Soldier Serum? The series follows Uatu, the Watcher, as he explores alternative universes similar to the one we know - except for one key difference, it reimagines major characters and events from the MCU. Each and every episode revolves around every significant MCU character and their origin stories. The only twist is that what if the course of events did not take place the exact same way. You have to watch this series to discover how the creator approached this multiverse.

Why should you watch What If?

The series created by A.C. Bradley is the television version of the popular 1970s anthology series comic book.  The storyline is built on the MCU's canon multiverse idea. The narrator is played by Jeffrey Wright, who plays the Watchers. 

Fortunately, the series' analysis of alternate occurrences involving the protagonists does not stop there. It takes a step further and describes how a character's personality might affect the environment around them if they were different. The butterfly effect, which states that a small ripple may have a large impact, is used in most science fiction and fantasy that deal with the various possibilities. It's the same with this series. Through every episode, it conveys a variety of important lessons, such as how grief has the potential to destroy the universe, if not the complete universe. The series is an interesting addition to the multiverse, which we will undoubtedly see in the MCU. The crucial thing to remember is although the world may be different in terms of other people's actions, these heroes' underlying motivations remain the same. This can be seen in Thanos and Carina.

The episodes provide a lot of food for thought. Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe is built on comic books, and it is vital to suspend disbelief in order to appreciate these storylines, it was strange to see Steve not only appear like a strong hunk but also fight and dodge like someone who has spent his whole life training for warfare. What If...? features exceptional, in-depth writing that enables it to construct vivid realms by catering to the artistic side of MCU fans. The tone of the episodes varies, some being lighter or darker than the MCU movie they are based on. One episode, for instance, is a political drama, whilst the one focusing on Stephen Strange is a tragic and gloomy love story.

Even though the actual actors did not voice their roles, the voice actors did an excellent job. The animation is a hybrid of CGI and anime. Overall, the series is enjoyable and fulfils its promises in a significant way.

Trivia Alert

  • What if...? is Chadwick Boseman's final Marvel series before his death.

  • Bradley was informed that the writers had unintentionally penned half of the narrative of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 (2023), so an episode concept incorporating the Guardians of the Galaxy had to be rejected for the first season.

  • This show is a straight translation of the same-named comic book series of Marvel, which explored numerous diverse themes in the Marvel Universe. There were thirteen separate volumes in all.

  • A.C. Bradley had a concept for an episode in which Loki would prove himself worthy of wielding Mjolnir. However, because the notion of Loki being a superhero had been in the discussions for his own show, Loki (2021), this notion was eliminated.

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Yay! The show is available for streaming online and you can watch What If on Hotstar.

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