Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

  • Duration: 24min
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Tokyo Revengers Story


The story is about Takemichi Hanagaki who is currently living an unsettling life because of a tragic incident that happened. Takemichi finds out that his girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, got brutally killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. The following day after her death, he stood blankly at a station platform and a herd of people pushed him to the tracks. He thought he was going to die and thus he closed his eyes. When he opens his eyes he sees that he has gone 12 years back in time. It is now that he wishes to take revenge on his miserable life. 

Why should you watch Tokyo Revengers? 

Tokyo Revengers is an action-packed Japanese anime series that is based on a famous comic by Ken Wakui. At first glance, it would seem that this anime covers cliches like “travelling back in time to save the loved ones”. And to be honest, it does. However, the creators have executed the idea brilliantly. 

Ken Wakui’s comic was transformed into a series in 2021 by Liden Films. Since then, Tokyo Revengers has been a craze among anime lovers. The story is cliche yet captivating. The fact that the moment Takemichi thought he was going to die and just this moment life gave him a second chance to sort out whatever has gone wrong 12 years back was really thoughtful. In addition to the story, we can also see great character building. All these start happening after he (the main character) time travels to the past (12 years ago). When he goes into the past he decides to save all his loved ones, including his ex and only girlfriend Hinata Tachibana. But as a middle schooler, he can’t do it alone. So, the illustrator thoughtfully included another character in the story who is Hinata’s brother. 

In this journey, we also see Takemichi’s friends and their character development. We see an interesting character Akkun who turns out differently every time. Moreover, we meet a couple of other characters from the Tokyo Manji Gang and understand their side of the story. 

Since the purpose of the story was to save his loved ones, there have to be some romantic elements. We can see as he time travels and meets his one and only love, Hinata all over again. He starts making extra efforts to show his affection. Though as a middle schooler, it’s hard to imagine something of this sort, it’s undeniably emotional and cute. 

Tokyo Revengers makers offered amazing sound production along with captivating graphics. We all know that every anime series does a commendable job in terms of VFX, and this one is no exception. However, we feel the graphics team could have done a better job with the fighting scenes. Nevertheless, it does not affect the overall episodes as it is not a fighting anime series. 

All in all, in terms of quality, voice actors, characters, sound design, and animation, Tokyo  Revengers deserves a watch. If you are an anime fan who strives for a good storyline, Tokyo Revengers is just the right pick for you. 

Trivia Alert

  • Tokyo Revengers shows resemblance with an Isekai anime but they are not the same. 
  • In the shonen category, Tokyo Revengers won the Kodansha Manga Award. 

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Yay! The show is available for streaming online and you can watch Tokyo Revengers on Netflix.

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