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Christopher Smith a.k.a. Peacemaker (John Cena) is compelled to join the secretive government organisation A.R.G.U.S. for "Project Butterfly" after recuperating from his injuries sustained during the happenings of the 2021 film, The Suicide Squad. The entire squad is on a quest to find and remove parasitic butterfly critters that have infected people's bodies all over the planet. Well, to discover more, you have to watch this series.

Why should you watch Peacemaker?

Peacemaker is the culmination of Gunn's prior works, which have all dealt with the same topics. It ends up being a fantastic narrative about friendship's restorative power and how difficult it is to let go, especially when it means forgiving oneself for previous traumas or breaking connections with abusive parents. The programme opens up shortly after the film Suicide Squad, with Peacemakers (John Cena) being assigned to an operation known as Project Butterfly, about which very little is known and the nature of challenges. Despite this, there is so much hilarity and powerful action that it never seems like the creator is wasting time or attempting to deceive the audience. The narrative, which felt like it was left adrift at times, finally returns to contribute to a strong finale.

Peacemaker balances its serious themes with plenty of over-the-top youthful comedy and bloodshed, and the elements all work together admirably. All through the eight-episode season, the characters gain depth and emotion. The opponents, too, mature together. The entire cast does an outstanding job. As Christopher Smith a.k.a. Peacemaker, John Cena displays not just his wit, but also his incredible compassion and emotional resonance as he struggles with his abusive father, played by Robert Patrick. Gunn refused to dismiss Peacemaker's flaws, instead, he explains them via the father-son dysfunctional relation.

The show has given it all by taking a different approach to the DC Comics and the superhero genre in general. It has a lot of emotional weight to it, as well as incredibly humanlike situations that keep all of the characters rooted and relevant. It's also worth noting that the audience feels this is Gunn's best creation and John Cena's strongest work. Overall, this series is well worth your time; you will not be disappointed.

Trivia Alert

  • The colours of Peacemaker are red and silver in the Dc Comics and Warner Brothers’ emblems. As a result, a splattering of blood and a flock of doves would transform the Warner Brothers emblem into the DC Comics logo.
  • James Gunn explained how he developed the screenplay for pure enjoyment on his Instagram account and the bosses at Warner Brothers had not requested this. However, Warner Brothers contacted him with the notion of developing a small spin-off of the movie The Suicide Squad, unaware of the fact that Gunn already had a full-fledged script ready to go.
  • John Cena a.k.a Peacemaker and his squad do a dance sequence in the opening credits.

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