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Moon Knight

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Moon Knight Story


Based on the Egyptian Mythology Marvel introduces us to yet another character, Moon Knight. Like Spider-man we are introduced to Moon Knight after he becomes one. Moon Knight is played by Oscar Issac and is a very perplexing character. The series is more about the end of the hero rather than the beginning as MCU usually does. The series begins with the character Steven Grant, a mild-tempered man with a very monotonous life. But there is something that is making his life not so boring. We see him wearing ankle straps at night. It seems he has the habit of sleepwalking or rather sleep fighting. This is a mind-bending saga where you get to see untethered scenes that somehow bring everything together. Marc Spector is another character played by Oscar Issac. Juggling with Egyptian Gods “Khonshu” and ‘Ammit’ the Moon Knight is struggling to find his way out. He is supposed to take the ultimate revenge on Khonshu but is constantly interrupted by Arthur Harrow the follower of Ammit. Why would he want to take revenge? Watch the series to know.  

Why should you watch Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is a very confused bumbling character. At the start, everything seems like a mess but slowly with each minute, the mess starts turning into this stunning picture. Issac plays the character of Moon Knight very distinctly. He blends the depths and buzz of mental illness, a multi-layered personality, and a superhero. The two-mind personality has been remarkably shown in this series. The combination of a superhero with his own deviant struggles has been beautifully chalked out by Marvel. Watch it for Issac but also to know more about whatever Marvel has planned for the upcoming movies. Arthur harrow the villain with a goldy purpose has been played by none other than Ethan Hawke. May Calamawy who plays Layla offer a great balance to the show.

Watch Moon Knight for its alternate reality and dystopian afterlife projection. Viewers will love the comic elements blended with serious baffling scenes. 

Trivia Alert

  • When Marvel decided to set Moon Knight in London to bring a twist to the regular New York setting, the actor Issac brought the high-pitched British accent to the character of Steven Grant on his own. This was not mentioned in the script.
  • This is the very first Marvel Studio Series where the previous characters have not been included at all.
  • The Marc Spector Moon Night suit is printed with hieroglyphics on his pants. It says "Rise and live again as my fist of vengeance - My Moon Knight."
  • The room Stevan Grant stays in is numbered 502. This is referred to as the international dialling code +502, for Guatemala. This is his birthplace.

Moon Knight - Where to watch?

Yay! The show is available for streaming online and you can watch Moon Knight on Hotstar.

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