The BatmanThe Batman
The Batman

The Batman

MOVIE | ActionCrimeDrama | English| Duration : 176 mins | Release Date : 2022-3-1

The Batman

MOVIE | ActionCrimeDrama | English| Release Date : 2022-3-1
The BatmanThe Batman

The Batman Story


The story begins with Halloween, when the Mayor of Gotham City, Don Mitchell Jr is murdered by a serial killer, who called himself the Riddler. This serial killer after murdering the Mayor left a message for Batman. Amidst the killing, Bruce Wayne whose hidden identity is Batman, investigates this mission, alongside Lieutenant James Gordon. However, the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) commissioner, Pete Savage asks Bruce not to enter the crime scene and to leave. What happens after that? We are not going to spoil the movie for you. Instead, you can give it a watch. 

Why should you watch The Batman?

For all those Batman lovers, you must have seen different iterations of this character. But most times, you have seen him as a superhero. In Matt Reeves, The Batman, you get to discover the unexplored side of the protagonist as a detective. Batman being a swagger is not new to anyone. And of course, you can see all his combat and swag in this film also. This time, you will also come to know about his crime-solving skills. However, in the latter part, the moviemaker did put more emphasis on combat. In this Batman movie, you can see Robert Pattinson playing the role of Batman aka Bruce Wayne. 

Though there were divided opinions amongst the fans because to date no one can visualise him in anything other than Twilight. Despite a lot of talks, his work was commendable. The idea of a young version of Batman, solving crimes like puzzles one after another, has given a classic crime drama edge to the entire move. 

This one was the longest Batman movie so far. And why so? Because Matt Reeves wanted to establish his version of Gotham differently than anyone else’s. And he did that seamlessly. The movie was detective heavy, especially in the first half. So the long runtime allowed the film to focus on Batman, who seems to be in a rush to solve Riddler’s puzzles, saving his next victims. In addition, he also comes to know about many secrets that the city has hidden for so long. So, this movie has continuous buildups and storytelling. 

Alongside Robert Pattinson’s brand new avatar, you can also see quite a few actors and characters in the movie. Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz), James Gordon (Jeffery Wright), Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis), Riddler (Paul Dano) and the Penguin (Colin Farell). These names were hard hitters to this amazing thriller and they put their best foot forward. The Batman by Matt Reeves is one of the best versions of the Batman movie with its dark backdrop that truly depicts the hidden secrets of Gotham City. So, if you have watched other Batman movies, and loved them. Then you should watch this one too. 

Trivia Alert

  • Robert Pattinson’s version of Bruce Wayne is partially inspired by Kurt Cobain.
  • Actor Robert Pattinson wore the original Batsuit from the movie “Batman Forever” (1995) while auditioning for this film. 
  • In this movie, the Batmobile was a muscle car, designed by Bruce Wayne. 

The Batman - Where to Watch?

Unfortunately, the movie The Batman is not available to watch/stream on any of the streaming platforms in India. However, you can also buy the movie The Batman on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube starting from Rs 790. You can also rent the movie The Batman on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube starting from Rs 490.

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