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The plot centres around Dr Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), a biochemist who suffers from a rare blood disease and has spent his life searching for a cure. Meanwhile, he developed artificial blood, which has saved thousands of lives. So, while attempting to treat himself for a rare blood condition, he infects himself with a kind of vampirism. The end outcome is superhuman strength combined with an insatiable appetite for blood. Artificial blood helps to reduce blood hunger, but it isn't a permanent solution. Meanwhile, Milo (Matt Smith), Michael's boyhood pal, has the same blood illness as Michael and, despite Michael's caution, wants to take the remedy. Then a wave of killings floods the city, leaving the victims bloodless, and Michael is accused of everything. The entire plot is around discovering the true goodness hidden underneath the stereotypes and surface features of a person. So, you’ll have to see the movie to find out how the tale progresses and whether Michael is able to put things right.

Why should you watch Morbius?

The plot's primary premise is that Morbius, a celebrity scientist whose lab is supported by Crown's family riches, is doing experiments that are morally dubious enough that everyone involved believes it is better to pursue them on international waters. Given the Crown's great riches, this isn't an issue. The primary issue, however, is that the experiment's first human trial results in the deaths of eight sailors, whose remains are shortly discovered aboard a ghost ship.

Here the protagonist has a rare blood condition and decides to discover a treatment for it, in order to help those who have the same blood disease as him. So he picked up bats for additional investigation, and then extracts something from the bat and injects it into himself. Following the injection, he grows the bat's DNA in him, granting him various superpowers as well as significant adverse effects. Bats prefer to drink blood, and now that he has some of the Bat's DNA, he too has to drink the same. Then his childhood pal injects the cure himself despite warnings, resulting in the murderous rampage. Thus, the friend-to-enemy stereotype is included.

Director Daniel Espinosa has framed the movie in such a way that includes some violence, but it is limited to when the vampires need to feed on blood, and there is no profanity or nudity. The performance was terrific, and the pacing was good. In terms of character development, the film was fairly well written. Overall, the movie is quite similar to Venom. It's packed with spectacular crossovers, mind-blowing notions, actions, and just ecstatic humour. So, if you enjoy movies with similar themes, you should see this one.

Trivia Alert

  • The scenes set in New York were rather shot in Manchester's Northern Quarter. All of the city lights, signage, and licence plates were replaced with New York-style ones.
  • Murnau, as in F.W. Murnau, the director of the famous vampire movie "Nosferatu," is the name of the cargo at the beginning of the story. The Murnau lands in port with its whole crew lifeless and drained of blood, much like the cargo ship in 'Nosferatu.'
  • The song "People Are Strange," which was originally included in the vampire movie The Lost Boys, is featured in the second trailer (1987).

Morbius - Where to watch?

Yay! The movie is available for streaming online and you can watch Morbius movie on Netflix. However, you can also buy the movie Morbius on Google Play, YouTube, iTunes starting from Rs 460. You can also rent the movie Morbius on Google Play, YouTube, Prime Video, Zee5, iTunes, tatasky starting from Rs 120.

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